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Welcome to the fascinating world of EXW / EXchangeWorld (ExWorld) - fast, safe, forward-looking.

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EXW features
  •   Awarded "Best Crypto Service Provider" (Next Block Guru Awards).

  •   Company registered in Europe with its headquarters in Austria.


  •   SEPA deposits in FIAT currencies (EUR) possible.

  •   Immediate exchange of FIAT in cryptocurrencies and cryptocurrencies among themselves.

  •   Intuitive and easy handling.

  •   Payment, transfer and exchange are carried out immediately - Instant-Change makes it possible.

  •   Daily bonus payments of up to 0.32% for holding EXW bonus tokens.

  •   Payouts are possible at any time.

  •   Lucrative recommendation program.

  •   Car Program with long-term rental without credit check)

  •   Worldwide real estate clouds.

  •   Revenue from own white label exchanger.

  •   Cooperation with qualified trading partners.

  •   Coming soon: credit card (Crypto Credit Card), SEPA payments, dealer connection via POS system (Point of Sale) and travel program (flights, travel, hotels).

Top-class crypto experts at EXW


He is one of the most experienced European Growth Hacker. He is a professor at Collège Des Ingénieurs at TAG Innovation School. Giacomo is the founder of the Black Marketing Guru and Confindustria Speaker. He left in 2015 for € 1M and is now one of the most influential European ICO consultants with over 140,000 crypto followers. He works in an Italian church from the XII. Century and leads a team of 30 Growth hackers from all over Europe.

She is currently the youngest ICO, IEO, and STO consultant in the crypto scene, is an influential article writer for some of the major media, and a real blockchain evangelist. Eloisa was named number 1 among European token model architects and EloisaX experts. She is one of the leading women in the blockchain industry, is listed as such by Humans of Blockchain and is actively involved in the "NYC Women in Blockchain" project and is a member of various blockchain associations.

The name Casagrande is known in the world of cryptocurrency. Giovanni is Italian and has well over 20 years of marketing experience. He has worked in the cryptocurrency industry for the past 5 years, is a writer, public speaker and marketing and Growth Hacking consultant on many projects.

Awards and honors

Best Crypto Payment Service Provider
At Next Guru Awards 2019, the EXW Wallet payment service was awarded "Best Crypto Payment Service Provider". EXW Wallet's outstanding achievements for this award include its innovative payments and daily bonuses for cryptocurrency trading solutions that help users generate revenue, cryptocurrency-based POS systems, unique cryptocurrency credit cards, long-term car rentals and real estate cloud initiatives.

Best Blockchain Entrepreneur under 30
At World Blockchain Summit, the founder of EXW Wallet, Benjamin Herzog, co-founder Manuel Batista, co-founder and CNO Pirmin Troger all received the "Best Blockchain Entrepreneur under 30" award. The award recognizes their efforts to make the ideas behind EXW Wallet a reality.


Hotline: +49 15782248200     

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